Free 15-Minute Initial Phone session

Before you sign up, this is an opportunity for questions and for us to talk a bit about your insomnia, how CBT-I works, what to expect, and whether it is a good fit for you. Give me a call at 1-888-876-8954. If you prefer, feel free to send me a message to ask questions or schedule a 15-minute appointment.

Check your Extended Health Benefits

More and more employee and student health care plans (for example, some Blue Cross, Sunlife, ManuLife, Great West Life, Greenshields and others) are providing coverage for the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). This is between you and your extended health plan, so you may wish to confirm with them that they cover services from a Registered Clinical Counsellor, as you’ll need to pay for the counselling session yourself and then request reimbursement from them. 

Regular Fee

$170 per regular 50-minute session. Most people do best with 5 to 8 sessions. Once sleep has begun to stabilize, some of the later sessions could be 30-minute sessions at $100.

There is an additional one-time intake and assessment fee of $40.

(Please add 5% GST to the above).

* NEW! affordable Group option

I’m pleased to announce a brand new option to help make recovering from insomnia within your reach. The program is 6 sessions and regular fees will be $85/session, plus an additional one-time $40 intake fee (plus GST). Click here to learn more.

* Special covid GROUP RATES

For a short time, due to the financial pressures many people are currently facing given the covid situation, I am happy to offer a reduced rate of $71.40/session (plus the one-time $40 intake fee) upon request, for those who don’t have extended health benefits to cover the regular fees. This is 58% less than the rate for individual sessions and gives you the opportunity to meet and share experiences with others also facing the struggles of chronic insomnia. Let’s face it, only people who have experienced life with chronic insomnia can possibly understand.

(Please add 5% GST to the above.)

Click here to learn more.

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