Free 15-Minute Initial Phone session

Before you sign up, this is an opportunity for questions and for us to talk a bit about your insomnia, how CBT-I works, what to expect, and whether it is a good fit for you. Give me a call at 1-888-876-8954. If you prefer, feel free to send me a message to ask questions or schedule a 15-minute appointment.

Check your Extended Health Benefits

More and more employee and student health care plans (for example, some Blue Cross, Sunlife, ManuLife, Great West Life, Greenshields and others) are providing coverage for the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). This is between you and your extended health plan, so you may wish to confirm with them that they cover services from a Registered Clinical Counsellor, as you’ll need to pay for the counselling session yourself and then request reimbursement from them. 

Regular Fee

$150 per regular session [this includes 50 minutes of phone or online sessions and allows me 10 minutes admin/record-keeping]. Most people do best with 5 to 8 sessions. Once sleep has begun to stabilize, some of the later sessions could be half sessions.

Half sessions are $85.

There is an additional one-time intake and assessment fee of $40.

ICBC Coverage in british columba

Did you know that brain injury commonly causes insomnia? Are you dealing with recurring nightmares following an accident? If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, you likely have enough ICBC coverage to pay for a full course of medication-free treatment for insomnia and/or nightmares.

You may be interested to know that treating insomnia can sometimes also improve chronic pain, depression and anxiety, things often resulting from motor vehicle accidents. [Check with your lawyer, insurance adjuster, or give me a call to learn more.]

Join the Wait list for affordable Group Rates or Upcoming Course

In 2020 I’ll be working on a couple programs to to teach you how to get better sleep – at more affordable rates. Click here to send me a secure message and let me know you’d like to be on the wait list. I can’t wait to offer these programs!

Reduced Sliding Scale Rates

I understand that not everyone has extended health benefits and that financial limitations can be a barrier. Please click here for more info and to request a reduced rate.

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