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People come to counselling for many reasons. Sometimes people are afraid of being rejected, or not being respected, or would like to simply strengthen their sense of self-worth. Maybe you’re facing potential crises – financial worries, deteriorating health, or social isolation. Or perhaps you’re worried about making the wrong decisions, or about the future. You may not know this, but depression and anxiety are very common human experiences.

We all deserve love, intimacy, security, friendship and families. We deserve to participate in the world, community, and the feeling of belonging. We have the right to health, self-determination, self-respect and respect from others.

Counselling is a part of supporting good mental wellness. Over the last 10 years, I have assisted people around many issues, including:

If you’re interested in online counselling to work on any of these issues, you can click to begin a counselling session at any time.  I look forward to “meeting” you and getting to know you!

You’re not alone!

You're Not Alone!