Overcoming Anxiety, Finding Calmness Through Stress

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Anxiety is a very common human experience. In some ways, anxiety can be useful: it might motivate us to meet deadlines, study for exams, or work hard to avoid “failure”. From an evolutionary perspective, it’s easy to see how a racing heart and other autonomic “flight or fight” responses helped us avoid being eaten by a hungry tiger.

Anxiety does not need to be a barrier

between you and the things you want to be doing,

the life you want to be living


bambooBut, sometimes this automatic response can be counterproductive, or to use another term, “maladaptive”. When anxiety grows out of proportion to the stress at hand, it might seem like it’s taking over, causing insomnia, affecting your ability to function, to concentrate, or participate in social activities. You might even find it affecting your relationships. The fear of “what if” can feel paralysing at times. And all this can create a vicious circle, leaving you with so much more to worry about.  No wonder depression and anxiety are so often experienced together.

When anxiety starts sabotaging your goals or affecting your quality of life, reaching out for the support of personal, professional counselling may help you find ways to overcome this vicious circle.  There are concrete skills that can be learned to help tame anxiety. From an understanding, non-judgemental perspective, I see myself as a resource in helping you create the change you want.

Research shows online counselling to be as effective as traditional face-to-face for many issues. And a number of studies specifically have found significant improvement in anxiety symptoms following online counselling.

There are many advantages offered by online counselling.  Click here to learn more.

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The support and convenience of online therapy may help you find ways to overcome anxiety, depression or other life challenges. Whenever you’re ready, click here to begin writing to me – anytime of day or night.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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