Services & Fees


Are you tossing and turning at night only to struggle through the day, feeling exhausted, irritable, and emotional? Is your productivity and ability to function suffering? If you haven’t yet completed the self-assessment questions, please do so HERE.

It’s not all in your head! Our bodies’ sleep regulation systems can become disrupted, causing short-term insomnia to become long-term. Over the course of several weeks (5-8 sessions) with my CBT-I service, you’ll have the tools and strategies that can help you reverse the vicious cycle.

Research has found that people who completed group CBT-I had better outcomes than those who re-used sleep medication – even 10 years later. Let’s get you started with one of the options below.


NEW AFFORDABLE OPTION: 6-WEEK GROUP INSOMNIA PROGRAM. In this supportive group program, you may feel relieved to learn that you’re not alone and that you share many similar struggles with others. The support of others struggling with insomnia can, and will help, inspire and motivate you to learn and make the changes needed to regain your ability to sleep naturally.

The program is 6-sessions and the fee is $85.00 per session, plus a one-time $40.00 intake and assessment fee (+ GST).

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: due to the high demand for CBT-I sessions, I have added new and affordable options.

I would love to help you start your process to recovery from insomnia as soon as possible. Therefore, I am recommending that you join a 6-week group program and gain the knowledge and tools you need to help you get started on your road to recovery.

75-minute sessions are $255.00 (+ GST).

60 minute session is $204.00 (+ GST).

** Please note that there is a one-time intake and assessment fee of $40.00 (+GST) for group and individual sessions.